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Scuntion (Double Wooden) Windows

If we consider the design and properties of scuntion windows, then we dare to say that they are the best windows on the market. The scope of the use of scuntion windows is quite wide. They can be used, for example, in listed buildings, as well as in modern wooden houses and log cabins. The design of scuntion windows has been tested in many buildings through more than 100 years of use. Thanks to their excellent properties they are suitable both for difficult weather conditions and noisy locations. Scuntion windows are not only an object of admiration from the outside, but in combination with window cladding they can also represent a luxurious and stylish interior feature which is at the same time functional. The Trustav Company s.r.o. is a certified producer of scuntion windows, which includes windows whose outer and inner casements open inwards, as well as windows that have their outer casements opening outwards and inner casements opening inwards. The windows reach certified values of authorised testing departments; i.e. the Rw value (the airborne noise reduction of the whole window) reaches up to 47 dB and the Uw value (thermal transmission of the whole window) is up to 1.0.
In view of the fact that we have successfully replaced, especially in Prague, thousands of scuntion windows, we can be an experienced and reliable supplier for you, too.

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Since 1998 we have installed as many as:

9 636 scuntion windows
19 074 euro windows
852 doors