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Interior Wooden Doors

The interior doors we offer are from solid glued sections which ensure the stability of their form. We use a semi-mortise type for frame or cladding casings. You can choose from side-hung doors, sliding doors, folding doors, or doors that form part of interior partitions. As we produce solid doors, we also focus on making replicas of interior doors in old buildings. In such a case it is not machine production, but entirely manual work. Our offer also includes modern types of doors or fire interior doors. If you have an idea of what door you would like, or you need a replica of your existing door, we are here to help you. The only limitation is our technical capabilities, or some practical matters which might concern e.g. the dimensions of the door.

If you are looking for a non-standardized product or a product based on skilled handicraft, then we are the right choice for you to fulfil your ideas.

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Since 1998 we have installed as many as:

9 636 scuntion windows
19 074 euro windows
852 doors