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TRUSTAV – Building Activities

The common interest of the company management and our employees is to hand over completed work of first-class quality, by a determined date and at an agreed price. Our job orders are executed by an experienced team of technicians and employees. We only cooperate with high-quality suppliers of materials and services. When executing a job order, we try to minimize the environmental impact, create a positive attitude towards the environment and reduce the energy consumption in carrying out constructions. We sort waste, including its dumping in landfills, as a matter of course.

Our company is based on regular employees with their own facilities (offices, warehouses), including machinery and equipment. The aim of the company management is to increase the level of education of all our employees and keep up to date with the development of new technologies and materials. We would like to reach zero customer complaints and minimize the number of industrial accidents and, above all, we want to achieve overall customer satisfaction.

Building activities carried out with our own capacity:

  • complete reconstructions of small premises (family houses, crèches, nursery schools, health centres, blocks of flats)
  • earthworks
  • all demolition work
  • bricklaying and plastering work
  • wall and floor tiling
  • plasterboarding
  • decorating
  • complete replacement or supply of windows and doors (wood, plastic, aluminium)
  • supply and assembly of interior doors and screens and other joinery products
  • thermal insulation of buildings, including the assembly of our own scaffolding
  • laying of interlocking block paving
  • fencing assembly and other minor building works
  • activities of a technical advisor and BOZP coordinator (BOZP = occupational safety and health)

Subcontracting works – we ensure the following works by means of verified and reliable Czech suppliers:

  • water distribution and sewerage systems
  • central heating distribution, including boiler rooms
  • heavy/light current distribution, switchboards and revisions
  • ventilation assembly, including separate units
  • laying of interior floorings (floating floors, PVC, marmoleum)
  • roofing claddings
  • steel structures

Since 1998 we have installed as many as:

9 636 scuntion windows
19 074 euro windows
852 doors